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Atlas Living Lab

Our research into intelligent lighting and climate systems contributes to a sustainable and comfortable working environment.

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Meaningful research for a sustainable world and a comfortable working environment

In Atlas Living Lab we conduct and partake research into intelligent lighting and climate systems. This research provides a significant contribution to a sustainable and comfortable working environment.

Atlas Living Lab is a leading laboratory for scientific research in the middle of a functioning office space. In the Atlas building the 4th floor up to the 11th are furnished as a living lab.


Largest Indoor Living lab in Europe

Atlas Living Lab is the largest indoor living lab in Europe. The eight floors are equipped with the Smart Energysaving Lighting (SEL) system.

This system consists of daylight-dependent LED luminaires with built-in sensors that measure light, movement and temperature.

In addition, SEL has sensors that read off the CO2 level.


The strategic areas Energy, Data Science and the Intelligent Lighting Institute use Atlas Living Lab for their research in energy saving and adaptive intelligent lighting with a focus on their impact on human behaviour and well-being.


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The Atlas Living Lab is a smart building in many ways. It has a data-intensive infrastructure for scientific experiments. We have full control over climate systems and lighting. Researchers get to see how innovative algorithms work in real life. For example, to save energy while maintaining the same comfort level.

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