Heavy duty chassis dynamometer

The heavy duty chassis dynamometer is used to analyze vehicle drivetrains. A road load analysis of vehicle drivetrains can be performed in which the driven wheels make contact with a steel roll, which is powered by an electric motor/generator and controlled via a closed-loop torque regulator. The machine is operated via a control desk with monitoring capabilities in the room next to the dyno.


  • Asynchronous motor/generator power: 275 [kW]
  • Roll diameter: 2 [m]
  • Max speed: 215 [kph]
  • Max nominal torque @ 1600 [RPM]: 6000 [Nm]
  • Max driven axle mass: 5000 [kg]
  • Torque measurements
  • Speed measurement resolution: 5000 [pulses/rotation]

Compliant with norms:

  • Machinery directive 98/37/EG
  • NEN-EN 60204-1
  • NEN 3340

Low duty dynamometer