Annual calendar (deadlines calls)

Name callClosing dateSpecified callStatus
NWO (VI)10 January 2017Closing Veni 2017 call Open
ERC Consolidator Grant9 February 2017Closing ERC COG 2017 call Open
NWO (VI) End of March 2017Closing phase 1 VICI 2017 call Forthcoming
NWO Rubicon 30 March 2017Closing NWO Rubicon call 1Forthcoming
NWO (VI) End of August 2017Closing phase 2 VICI 2017 callForthcoming
ERC Advanced Grant 31 August 2017Closing ERC AVG call 2017Forthcoming
NWO Rubicon31 August 2017Closing NWO Rubicon call 2Forthcoming
Marie Curie IF14 September 2017Closing MSC Individual Fellowship 2017Forthcoming
NWO (VI)Early October 2017Closing NWO VIDI 2017 call Forthcoming
ERC Starting Grant October 2017 Closing ERC STG 2018 call *Forthcoming
NWO Rubicon 30 November 2017Closing NWO Rubicon call 3Forthcoming

An important eligibility criteria for the ERC Starting Grant call are the years elapsed after your (first) PhD, the reference date is 1 January 2018 since it is the 2018 call.

In general the call opens three months prior to the closure of the call.
Check the website concerning the eligibility criteria in order to find out whether you can apply.