EuroTech COFUND program


Eindhoven University of Technology invites talented experienced researchers to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship in the EuroTech COFUND programme.

In 2011, four leading European universities of science & technology - TU/e, TUM, DTU and EPFL -  have founded the EuroTech Universities Alliance, a strategic partnership across four European countries. The Alliance is built on strong institutional relationships and the common strategic goal of providing technical solutions to address societal challenges, on a scale that could not be achieved by any partner alone.

EuroTech Postdoc COFUND programme

The COFUND programme will build upon the joint capacities and excellent research options of the participants in the Alliance, offering the postdoctoral fellows the complementary research, training and innovation strengths with the unique infrastructures and networks of the participants. These cross-border COFUND fellowships go well beyond ‘traditional’ fellowships, offered at each of the universities, building on an established cross-border, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral high-quality research collaboration framework.