Entrepeneurship & Innovation

EuroTech COFUND programme

At TU/e, department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, we focus on research in analysis, (re)design and control of operational processes in organizations and the information systems needed for these processes, as well as on research in the realization and impact of technological innovations at the individual, organizational and societal levels.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation groups at TU/e:


1. Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Entrepreneurship & Innovation research at the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences can be found in the following groups:

The following researchers explicitly expressed their interest in the EuroTech Postdoc Programme. Some of them already have research contacts with one of the other EuroTech universities.

Department Contact person
Built Environment Prof.ir Elphi Nelissen
Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Dr.ir. Rudi Bekkers

Prof.dr. Chris Snijders

Prof.dr. Evangelia Demerouti
Mr.dr.ir.ir Lambèr Royakkers