Project Management Office

The Project Managers of the Research Support Office support researchers in the coordination of research projects.

The Project Managers of the Research Support Office (RSO) are experienced in unburdening researchers with the managerial aspects of their research projects. Services are tailored to your project’s needs and the resources available. 

Our support includes activities such as:

  • Close collaboration on a daily basis with the Principle Investigator (PI) of the project, who is responsible for the scientific content of the project.
  • Performing day to day management, e.g., organizing consortium meetings, trainings, communication with partners, and alleviating the workload of the PI when it comes to non-scientific tasks.
  • Maintaining contact with the funder’s Project Officer (PO) regarding the progress of the project.
  • Ensuring adequate and timely reporting of the project’s progress.
  • Coordinating the support of other (research) support staff, experts in fields such as legal, finance, HR, Ethics, Business Development.

We can also support you in the proposal writing phase, for instance by proof reading your management paragraph or helping with budgeting for management costs.

Do you have a funded research project for which you need a Project Manager? Or are you in the process of submitting a proposal, for which a Project Manager is needed? Please, contact us at  to discuss the options.


Our Projects

 The RSO Project Management Office currently supports several projects within the H2020 and Horizon Europe framework, but we are also available for the management of nationally or regionally funded projects. See below for an overview of the currently running projects.

Meet our project management team

Are you looking for a Project Manager to support you in the coordination of your research project? We are happy to get in touch to discuss the options.

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