Research Support Office

The Research Support Office (RSO) is a central group of TU/e professionals who help researchers to maximize their chances of success with project acquisition and execution. We offer specialized support throughout the whole research project chain.

RSO has extensive experience with most European and national funding schemes, including personal grants. We offer specialized guidance for researchers to maximize their chances of success, in close cooperation with departmental Project Development Offices. We also consult on the specifics that come with cooperating with industry, contracts, consortium agreements and project execution. 

The main tasks of the Research Support Office are:

  • Consultancy about possibilities of public funding for research and innovation
  • Contact for European, National and Regional funding programs
  • Support in the preparation and application for research grants
  • Providing legal advice on issues related to research (i.e. research agreements, consortium agreements, NDA’s when applicable to research etc…)
  • Support researchers that plan to apply a Personal Grant (ERC, Marie Curie PF, NWO talent scheme) throughout the whole application process
  • Taking care of all organizational, procedural and administrative aspects of funded projects