Education/Research Officer

Aant van der Zee


Aant van der Zee is an assistant professor with the research group Information Systems in the Built Environment at the department of the Built Environment (research program Design and Decision Support Systems). The ISBE Group carries out research and education in the field of information systems used for the engineering and management of the built environment, into which they are embedded. This leads to new ICT methods and techniques in the context of building sciences and urban sciences.


Aant van der Zee was a research assistant at TU/e until 1990, when he became a technical draughtsman at Adviesbureau Tielemans (Eindhoven) and subsequently an architectural draughtsman with Architect Th. J. Lammers (Beek en Donk). From 1991 until 1993, Aant van der Zee worked for engineering firm ACE (Geldrop) and from 1993 until 1997, he was a project engineer at Haegens Holland (Horst). From 1997 until 2002, he was a software engineer at Twee Snoeken Automatisering (‘s Hertogenbosch) after which he was appointed as assistant professor in the Design Systems group of the department of the Built Environment of TU/e. 

Ancillary Activities

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