Doctoral Candidate

Aga Janicka-Verpaalen

Department / Institute
Mathematics and Computer Science


Agnieszka Janicka is a Doctoral Candidate specializing in Stochastic Networks at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) since September 2022, as a part of the NETWORKS program. Her research centers around understanding cascading failures on networks, their impact, and potential mitigation strategies. Currently, her focus lies in investigating the emergence of scale-free failures on networks, drawing inspiration from real-world phenomena like blackouts in power transmission networks.

Beyond her work on cascading failures, Agnieszka exhibits a strong interest in studying heavy-tailed processes across diverse contexts. She has specifically explored the influence of heavy-tailed arrivals on congestion in queueing models. Her research methodology combines theoretical analysis with mathematical simulation methods. Agnieszka's enthusiasm also extends to the field of stochastic optimization, where she embraces both classical approaches such as Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) and modern advancements like reinforcement learning in machine learning. By harnessing these optimization techniques, her goal is to enhance decision-making processes and optimize performance.

Driven by her passion for advancing knowledge in Stochastic Networks, Agnieszka seamlessly integrates theoretical exploration, empirical analysis, and practical applications into her research. She maintains a steadfast commitment to expanding her expertise through continuous learning and seeks collaborations with fellow researchers.

Mathematics empowers me to make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty, enabling me to contribute towards a more resilient and efficient world.


Agnieszka Janicka obtained her Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics (2020) and her Master's degree in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2022) from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Throughout her master's program, she dedicated her studies to Stochastic Operations Research, with a specific focus on queueing theory. Starting in September 2022, Agnieszka began her work at TU/e as a Doctoral Candidate. She is currently affiliated with the Stochastic Resource Sharing Networks group and is being supervised by Professor Maria Vlasiou and Doctor Fiona Sloothaak.

Ancillary Activities

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