Doctoral Candidate

Ahsen Yalın

Department / Institute
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Polymer Performance Materials


Ahsen is a PhD researcher in the Polymer Performance Materials group at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). She is working on closed-loop recycling of polymers using state-of-the-art photocatalysis. Her research aims at the cleavage of stable C-C bonds within the backbone of polymers by light as a green and facile energy source. Advancements in this exciting field of research will contribute to the degradation of plastic waste for greener world.


Ahsen obtained her BSc in Chemistry at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, in 2019. She obtained the third highest GPA degree in the department and was rewarded with high honor degree. She completed her BSc thesis on the synthesis of thienothiophene based polymers for OLED applications. Afterwards, Ahsen received her MSc degree at Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 2022. During her MSc research, she worked on transition-metal catalysis and photocatalysis for demanding organic transformations and gained experiences in several characterization methods and synthesis procedures for nanocatalysts. After obtaining the MSc degree, Ahsen started her PhD research at TU/e under the supervision of Prof. Željko Tomović and Dr. Fabian Eisenreich in 2022. 


Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities