University Researcher

Albert Poortinga


Albert Poortinga graduated in Applied Physics in 1996 and received his PhD in BioMedical Engineering in 2001. Subsequently he worked for 15 years in R&D of the dairy company FrieslandCampina in the fields of emulsions, foams, powders and encapsulates. In 2016 he started the company Bether Encapsulates in order to further develop a new encapsulation technology in which actives are encapsulated within microbubbles using structures called ‘antibubbles’. The aim of this technology is to combine very good barrier properties with the possibility of a very fast and complete triggered release. Next to his work for Bether Encapsulates Albert has a part-time appointment in Polymer Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Amongst other things his work in this group is devoted to solidified versions of antibubble foams that have interesting applications as advanced polymer materials, e.g. as sound-blocking materials (see  

Ancillary Activities

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