Doctoral Candidate

Alessia Aulitto


Alessia Aulitto is a PhD student. Her main focus is acoustics, in combination with fluid-dynamics and vibrations. Her project focuses on noise control solutions to optimize hydrogen combustion. Her PhD focuses on the effects of replacing perforations with slits, studying the sound absorption mechanisms of such plates. 

''To stop pulsation, drill one hole[ ... ]; if that doesn't work, drill two holes''- Putnam over an advice in a trade journal (1940)  Almost 100 years later, I am trying to optimize the shapes of these holes to optimize sound absorption.


Alessia Aulitto studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of the Studies of Naples ''Federico II", in Italy. She received the Master of Science degree cum laude in October 2019. Her Master project focused on application of acoustic images to a Machine Health conditioning problem. In November 2019, Alessia started her PhD in the Dynamics and Control group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU/e, under the supervision of Professor Ines Lopez Arteaga. Her research project is part of the Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Initial Training Network Pollution Know-How and Abatement (POLKA) and focuses on the study of passive noise control solutions to reduce thermo-acoustic instabilities. 

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