Doctoral Candidate

Alexander Fusi

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Alexander started his research work in his first year of Bachelors, investigating the synthesis and properties of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biodegradable polymers and the subsequent characterization of such polymers. Over the course of his bachelor studies, he has additionally worked on several projects concerning functional polymeric materials. During his MSc studies, Alex has worked on developing a protocol for the functionalization of lignin from paper industry side-streams into physicochemically resistant colloidal lignin particles. On October 2020, he has joined Prof. Jan van Hest's group as a doctoral candidate, trying to achieve controlled directionality in nanomotors.

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Alexander Deen Fusi (1995) is an international PhD candidate from Florence, Italy, currently working in the research group of Prof. Jan van Hest. He has received his BSc degree in Biotechnology (with a minor in Chemistry) from the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (Syracuse, New York). After that, he has travelled to Sweden and Finland to conduct and obtain his MSc in the N5T (Nordic 5 Technology) “Polymer Technology, Biomaterials mobility track” joint Master’s program at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, and Aalto University. Currently, he has started working as a PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology to explore the world nanomotors and polymersomes.

Ancillary Activities

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