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Alexander Rosemann

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Building Lighting
Department / Section
The Built Environment
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Research Profile

Alexander Rosemann is a Full Professor and Chair of Building Lighting at the Unit Building Physics and Services in the Department of the Built Environment at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His areas of expertise include Electrical energy technology, Measurement and control engineering, Building technology, Colorimetry, Daylighting, Photometry and lighting control. The following domains are an important focus of his research: Light & Energy, Light & Environment and Light & Health. Specific research interests also include daylighting and lighting energy-saving in buildings.

Academic Background

Alexander Rosemann studied electrical engineering at the University of Manchester and Technical University of Berlin , from which he graduated in 1997. He completed his master thesis at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). In 2001, he received his PhD for his work in the European research project ARTHELIO. From 2005 to 2007 he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He has been involved with several standards and chaired several standard committees on energy-efficiency in lighting and electronics at the Canadian Standardization Association (CSA). Alexander was also a member of the Task Group Lighting and Electrical Power of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings. He is actively involved in committees of CSA, CIE (International Commission on Illumination), the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) and ISO (International Standardization Organization). Rosemann is member of the board on the Nederlandse Stichting Voor Verlichtingskunde (NSVV)

Educational Activities

  • Bachelor End project BPS
  • Masterproject BPS A Research
  • C.S. lighting technology
  • Graduation Project Building Physics and Services
  • BPS masterproject Design
  • Lighting technology

Ancillary Activities

  • Member of the committee C873, former Committee Chair, Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Vice-president, Illuminating Engineering Society, Chapter BC (IESBC)
  • Member of the TG Lighting & Electrical Power for the National Energy Code of Canada, Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC)