Associate Professor

Aloys Borgers


Aloys Borgers is an Associate Professor of urban planning. He is interested in how people behave in urban environments. His main research theme is modeling individuals’ preferences and behavior in urban contexts in order to predict or simulate how people react to changes in the urban environment or how they respond to new societal and technological trends (such as ICT, smart cities). He is mainly interested in how these trends and developments influence residential preferences, shopping behavior (especially in downtown shopping areas), and pedestrian behavior. Aloys is involved in various courses and projects related to these fields.


Aloys Borgers obtained his MSc in Urban Planning from TU/e. He acted as the daily supervisor of PhD students and as a member of Doctorate Committees. Aloys is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services and the International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research. He also acted as an ‘ad hoc’ reviewer for many academic journals if the field of consumer behavior, retailing, tourism, land use modeling, transportation, real estate, and housing.

Aloys has been one of the main drivers in redeveloping the education programs for the Urban Systems and Real Estate unit of the Department of Built Environment, both for Bachelor College and the Graduate School. In 2017, he won the award for the best bachelor tutor of the department.