University Researcher

Anne Grave


Anne Grave currently works on designing restorative neighborhood open spaces for seniors. Furthermore she works on the Slimme Wijk Malvalaan project. A collaboration between care organizations, housing corporations, municipalities, and knowledge institutes to develop neighborhoods where social interaction and independence for seniors are stimulated by 'smart' spatial design, social cohesion and technological innovations.

In September 2017, Anne graduated with a double master's in Human-Technology Interaction and Architecture at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Her research focused on how spatial configurations influence human well-being. In December 2019, Anne finished a two-year post master (PDEng) in the Smart Buildings and Cities program. During this period, Anne researched the design of a Guiding Environment, a stimulating a supporting environment for older adults with early-stage dementia.

If one room can alter how we feel if our happiness can hang on the colour of the walls or the shape of a door, what will happen to us in most of the places we are forced to look at and inhabit? What will we experience in a house with prison-like windows, stained carpet tiles, and plastic curtains? “ (Alain de Botton, 2008, p. 13)

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