Former Doctoral Candidate

Anne Scheel

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


The title of the project I work on captures my research interests quite well: "Increasing the reliability and efficiency of psychological science". I am particularly interested in which research and publication practices can improve the reproducibility of the published literature, and how researchers can be encouraged to design more falsifiable and informative studies.


I studied psychology at the University of Heidelberg and psychological research methods at the University of Glasgow, and worked in a developmental psychology lab at LMU Munich for two years. My background is in infant research, but since I first learned about the "replication crisis" in psychology, I devoted more and more time to follow the discussions around ways to make research more transparent and reproducible ("open science"). Eventually this led me to switch tracks and turn to meta-science as my main research focus: In October 2017, I started my PhD in Daniël Lakens’ project "Increasing the reliability and efficiency of psychological science" at TU Eindhoven.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities