Education/Research Officer

Anne Spoelstra

Department / Institute
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Materials and Interface Chemistry


Anne Spoelstra is member of the Center for Multiscale Electron Microscopy. As an expert in transmission electron microscopy and ultramicrotomy she supports researchers by training and advising them in the field of electron microscopy. Her current focus is on applying and developing new preparation techniques for a broad range of materials.


She received her B.Sc. (Chemical Technology) in 1987 and after working for 3 years at the research department of Océ on the development of new polymers for the printing industry, she joined the group of Prof. H.E.H. Meijer at the Eindhoven University of Technology (Polymer Technology, Mechanical Engineering) in the field of Computational Mechanics. For her research on the 'Transfer molding of reactive materials' for she received the Professional Doctorate degree in Engineering.

From 1992-2015 she worked as a research specialist in the Polymer Technology group of Prof. P.J. Lemstra at Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, where her main interest was to study the relationship between the morphology and the properties of a broad range of polymers and polymer systems, with a focus on transmission electron microscopy.  She followed several courses to elaborate on her expertise in electron microscopy and in 2015 she joined the Center for Multiscale Electron Micoscopy at the Eindhoven University of Technology as a transmission electron microscopy specialist.

Ancillary Activities

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