Doctoral Candidate

Anqi Li

Department / Institute
Mechanical Engineering


Anqi Li is a Doctoral Candidate in the Mechanics of Materials (MoM) group of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) . Her PhD research is focused on the mechanical behavior on the standard 3D composite material. The main goal of the PhD is (i) set-up of microstructural geometries descriptions and discretization dedicated to 3D composites, (ii) the development of material models that couple thermo-mechanical effects of both curing and mechanical degradation to model the manufacturing of the composite, and (iii) the development of a multiscale methodology to derive macro-scale constitutive models based on the upscaling of micro-structural models.

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Anqi Li obtained her bachelor's degree in Beihang University from Beijin, China, 2015, major in Civil engineering. Later, she obtained her MSc degree in Civil engerring in Swansea University, Swansea, UK, and MSc degree in Computational Mechanics from both Polytechnic University of Catalonia(UPC), Barcelona, Spain and Stuttgart university, Stuttgart, Germany.

Ancillary Activities

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