Assistant Professor

Arno Pronk


Research Profile

Arno Pronk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). 

His research focuses on creating and designing curved surfaces using (inflatable) moulds. He examines how what can be done with polyester, can also be done with ice or sprayed concrete. His research project include the Trefoil Self-sufficient Office-boat, realized using Pornk’s Blowing Structure Method, an innovation-demonstration building for the marina in IJburg, The Netherlands, in co-operation with BAM Concrete Technics and Tentech. Elements from the research project ‘making freeform architecture with membranes' have been used for the entrance of an underground bicycle cellar in the city centre of Eindhoven, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. 

Academic Background

Arno Pronk graduated as an architect at Delft University of Technology, Delft. During his employment at the offices of Dirrix van Wylick and Marlies Rohmer he has worked mainly in housing, including the design for one- and multifamily dwellings in Vijfhuizen by Architectural Office Marlies Rohmer. 

As an independent architect, he realized several buildings characterized by an innovative use of materials and systems. The garage in Delft contains four hyper shells of 8 by 8 meters made of profiled steel. In an office for BuroA + in Kelpen several new materials and techniques, including the first application of the infra + floor developed in collaboration with Jos Lichtenberg, have been applied. (patent 1996). The Blob pavilion by Jurgen Bey is the first building created with the so-called Blowing Structure Method. (patent 2006). He is also  Chief editor of NBD-bouwdetails, Lector Material science at St Lucas Brussels/Ghent and Vice president of the International Society of Fabric Forming.

Educational Activities

  • Resource Efficient Structural Design
  • Structural design with glass and other materials
  • Research project
  • Advanced Design & Construct of an innovative structural object
  • Master project construction plan
  • Entrance project Structural design

Ancillary Activities

  • coordinate van symposia, onderzoek, exposities en workshops met andere universiteiten die zijn aangesloten bij het IASS, Chiarman IASS Workgroup 21