Former Doctoral Candidate

Bart Tiemeijer


Bart Tiemeijer is a Doctoral Candidate (PhD) in the Immunoengineering group under the supervision of Dr. Jurjen Tel. His research focusses on understanding immune cells at a fundamental level. Where on one hand he is working on applying microfluidics to create a platform for the investigation of highly plastic and heterogenous macrophages using a combination of single-cell droplets and hydrogel. On the other hand he is working on co-encapsulation of T-cells and pDC's to dissect cell-cell interactions

The universe is beautiful and science is a way of seeing this beauty more clearly"    - Kurzgesagt


Bart Tiemeijer was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Where in 2012 he started his bachelor's degree in "Medical Science and Technology" at the University of Technology. He followed up with a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering at the same institution which included two research projects. The first one at the TU/e using microfluidic techniques to dissect macrophage heterogeneity and plasticity on a single-cell level. For the second project he went abroad to Boston, United States. At the Center of Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences of the Brigham and Womans Hospital he investigated pro-inflammatory sub-populations of macrophgages and their role in the onset of atherosclerotic plaques. After returning to The Netherlands he has now started working at the Immunoengineering research group in Eindhoven as a Doctoral Candidate where he will continue using microfluidic techniques to investigate interactions between various types of immune cells. 

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