Doctoral Candidate

Bernat Molero Agudo

Department / Institute
Electrical Engineering


Bernat is Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Martijn Heck who is looking into ways in which Photonic Integrated Circuits can be key for achieving more efficient coherence scramblers. 

I believe Photonic Integration can lead the way to a more sustainable fast and developed future, and my dream is to engage others to do so with me.


Bernat would define himself by his intrinsic curiosity, belief in the power of actions, and pursuit of excellence. He comes from Barcelona (Spain) where he studied at the same time a 5-year combined Bachelor's in Physics and a Bachelor's in Mathematics. During that time, he stood out with being in the best 5% marks in more than 10 subjects.  While doing his Bachelor's End Project in his 4th year, he was part of the team in ICFO (Castelldefels) led by Romain Quidant who strived to publish in Nature Photonics in 2019. There, he got interested in Photonics and pursue his Master's End Project working with Photonic Integrated Circuits in Quside Technologies (Castelldefels).

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities