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Carlos Mendes da Costa Junior


Carlos Mendes da Costa Junior is currently a PostDoc Researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. He has recently finished a PhD from the same university on the topic of Low Power, Low Latency, and Reliable Wireless Links. Autonomous shock absorbers can recover the energy for their operation from the movement of the shock absorber. The control algorithms of the shock absorber can also be implemented locally with the shock absorber, eliminating the need for energy or information exchange between the shock absorber and the car itself. However, there is still a need to align the settings of the individual shock absorbers, so a communication path needs to be established. To ensure flexibility and reduce cost, this communication should preferably be wireless. Therefore, this work focus on developing a low-power, reliable and low latency wireless link for autonomous shock absorbers.


Carlos Mendes da Costa Jr. received his BSc (with honors) and MSc in Electrical Engineering from UFRN, Brazil. He also received a Specializing Master (with honors) in Navigation and Related Applications from Politecnico di Torino in Italy, and his PhD in Electrical Engineering from TU/e, The Netherlands. He worked as a researcher at the German Aerospace Center and as lecturer at UFRN. Currently, Carlos is a Postdoc researcher in the Integrated Circuits group at TU/e, and his main research areas are high frequency integrated circuits and RF system design.

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