Assistant Professor

Daniël Lakens


Research Profile

Daniel Lakens is an Assistant Professor in the Human-Technology interaction group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His areas of expertise include behavioral synchrony, research methods and applied statistics. Daniel’s main lines of empirical research focus on conceptual thought, similarity, and meaning. He also focuses on how to design and interpret studies, applied (meta)-statistics, and reward structures in science. A large part of his work deals with developing methods for critically reviewing and optimally structuring  studies. 

Academic Background

Daniel has a background in experimental psychologist and received his PhD from Utrecht University in 2010. Daniel’s research is funded by an NWO VIDI grant for a project that aims to improve the reliability and efficiency of psychological science. He has also convinced NWO to start a pilot project with grants dedicated to replication research.

He teaches an online MOOC on ‘Improving Your Statistical Inferences’, and won a TU/e Teacher of the Year award in 2014. He has given over 40 workshops on open science and improving research practices, co-edited a special issue consisting of pre-registered replication studies with Brian Nosek. 

Educational Activities

  • Behavorial and social theories of HTI (homologation course)
  • Automotive human factors
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Advanced cognition
  • Human factors
  • Behavioral and social theories of human technology interaction

Ancillary Activities

  • Workshops in Statistics, Research Methods, and Research Ethics, ZZP