Assistant Professor

Davide Leonetti

Department / Institute
Built Environment


Davide Leonetti is an assistant professor in steel structures and structural health monitoring at Eindhoven University of Technology. His research focuses on the mechanical performance of steel structures, covering topics such as residual life estimation (fatigue), strength assessment, structural reliability, and damage detection.  The topics mentioned above are applied to structural connections (welded and bolted), additively manufactured metals, and traditional and innovative materials and find application in several civil infrastructures (bridges, wind turbines, rails, etc...) through a combination of experimental testing, numerical models, and analytical assessment. Davide is an active member of the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence and Systems Institute (EAISI) where he is a member of the “AI-enabled Manufacturing and Maintenance” (AIMM) lab focussing on inspection, damage identification, and maintenance of steel structures and using AI.





He graduated from Federico II University of Naples in Mechanical Engineering defending a Thesis about a Strength analysis of a railway switch maneuvering system for high-speed tracks up to 400km/h, awarded by CIFI (Italian Board of Railway Engineers) in 2016.

Davide obtained his PhD under the supervision of Prof.Dr. J. Maljaars and Prof. H.H. Snijder. His research focused on developing a probabilistic model for evaluating the fatigue strength of welded and bolted steel connections. The aim of the research was to put forward a set of partial factors for fatigue failure of steel bridges.