Doctoral Candidate

Dennis Thuy

Mechanical Engineering


Dennis Thuy is a doctoral candidate in the Power & Flow research group, under supervision of prof. Niels Deen and dr. Giulia Finotello. His research focusses on the small scale production of metal powders for additive manufacturing, by means of a spraying nozzle. The small scale production of these powders allows for a completely circular production process, as scrap metal can be used for the production of new powders. Furthermore, it opens up possibilities to produce metal powders of a wider array of alloys than currently available, allowing for more flexibility in the quality of 3D-printed objects. The complex flow phenomena in the spray production are studied both with CFD simulations and experimental techniques.

The understanding of multiphase flows is a fascinatingly complex process, which presents new challenges every day.


Dennis Thuy completed his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2019. Afterwards, he proceeded with the Chemical and Process Technology Master track in the same department, which he completed in 2021. He worked on his thesis, titled 'Simulation of rotating complex geometries using an immersed boundary method - a coupling with fluid flow and discrete element method' in the Multiscale Modeling of Multiphase Flows research group, supervised by prof. Hans Kuipers, dr. Maike Baltussen and dr. Kay Buist. After completing his Masters degree, he joined the Power & Flow group in the Mechanical Engineering department as a doctoral candidate.

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