Doctoral Candidate

Diego Pintossi


Research Profile

The aim of the project Membrane design for fouling control in reverse electrodialysis (RED) is to investigate the influence of the chemistry of RED membrane materials on fouling in natural conditions. In particular, it involves the study of the interactions taking place at the membrane-feed interface and the development of suitable membranes to control these interactions. Newly designed membrane materials and surface modifications will be implemented in the RED system for optimal RED performance with natural feedwaters.

Academic Background

Diego Pintossi got his BSc and MSc degree at the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials department of Politecnico di Milano, Italy. In 2017 he started as a PhD student in the Membrane Materials and Processes Group, Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology.
His expertises are Salinity Gradient Energy, Reverse Electrodialysis, Ion Exchange Membranes, Polymer Solar Cells, Organic Photovoltaics, Luminescent Solar Concentrators, and Functional Fluorinated Coatings.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities