Full Professor

Elphi Nelissen

I dream of a better world; of a society that is healthy, social, sustainable, safe and in optimal balance with its environment; Creating a smart city by making use of modern technology

Group / Unit
Building Sustainability
Department / Section
The Built Environment
Floor / room

Research Profile

Elphi Nelissen is a Full Professor and Chair of Building Sustainability at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Her areas of expertise include renewable energy and the built environment, circular building economy, sustainable building, building services, building physics, building acoustics and girls and technology. Elphi initiated the development of a true Smart District in the Brainport region, to be established ultimately in 2021. It will be a unique living lab, in which all new and smart technologies are to be integrated in a renewable, social and attractive living district. The Brainport Smart District gives the university the opportunity to research, develop and experiment with new building methods, circular building, energy generation and storage, mobility concepts and to perform research on safety and health related topics, in close cooperation with industry.

Academic Background

Elphi obtained her MSc in Building Physics from TU/e, where she became a Fellow in 2009 and became a professor in 2011. Elphi is also Dean of the Department of the Built Environment. In this capacity, she holds final responsibility for the educational and research programs of the Department as well as for its management. In addition to her position at the university, Professor Nelissen is chairwoman of the Socio-Economic Council of the Province of Brabant (SER-B) and is member of the Advisory College of the Province (BrabantAdvies). She influences policy making in the field of circular and sustainable building on a national level, in her role as chairwoman of the Transition Team Circulair Building Economy and member of the national Taskforce Building Agenda (Bouwagenda). In 1991, Elphi established independent engineering agency Nelissen BV, which offers expertise in the field of building physics, building acoustics and building services. She holds several additional functions, such as chairwoman of the TU/e Smart Cities Program and member of the Board of SPARK Campus. In 2016, she was elected most influential woman in the Eindhoven/Brainport region.

Educational Activities

  • Module Design
  • Module Design
  • Masterproject BPS A Research
  • Masterproject integral design
  • Graduation Project Building Physics and Services
  • BPS masterproject Design

Ancillary Activities

  • Voorzitter, Sociaal-Economische Raad Brabant
  • Bestuurslid, SPARK Campus
  • Lid College van Overleg, BrabantAdvies
  • Instellingsbesluit van de Minister van Economische Zaken van 17-03-2017 nr. WJZ/17018969. De Taskforce heeft tot taak het opstelle, Taskforce Bouw
  • Bestuurslid, Stichting Post Academisch Onderwijs (PAO)
  • Eigenaar, Nelissen Holding BV
  • Lid Raad van Toezicht, Research School TRAIL
  • Directeur Aandeelhouder, Nelissen Ingenieursbureau BV
  • Lid, Brainport TOA Stuurgroep