Emma Moonen is a PhD student in the microsystems group of Jaap den Toonder. She works in a multidisciplinary project called Sentinel, which aims to develop a hybrid patch for monitoring patients by measuring biomarkers in sweat. The technologies to be developed will result in a wearable solution that integrates semi-continuous quantitative hybrid sensing of physiological, contextual, and biomolecule markers, including affiliated algorithms, manufacturing technology and verified prototypes.


Emma Moonen received her Bsc. (2017) and Msc. (2019) in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. During her Bachelor Final Project supervised by Regina Luttge, she studied the replication of patterned microsieves for single cell trapping. During her master she spend several months at the University of Cambridge where she studied the fabrication of flexible transparent electrodes for simultaneous electrophysiology and advanced optical microscopy. Her master thesis research performed in the Microsystems group of Prof. den Toonder was focused on the design, fabrication and testing of Point-of-Care technology.

Ancillary Activities

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