Doctoral Candidate

Emre Boz


Large-scale energy storage must be deployed to accelarate the integration of intermittent renewable energy technologies into the grid. In this context, redox flow batteries redox flow batteries are a promising technological option but current generation of electrode materials suffer from reduced performance and durability. In the project Synthesis and characterization of novel electrocatalysts for redox flow batteries, we are developing functional coatings for porous electrodes to improve reaction kinetics and battery performance. Controlling the electrode surface is critical for electrochemical systems as reactions occur at the electrode-electrolyte interface. We aim to precisely control surface properties such as electrocatalytic activity, wettability, and ion-conductivity through conformal coating techniques. The ultimate goal is to enhance battery performance and durability through surface engineering of porous electrodes.


Emre B. Boz recieved his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Materials Science and Nano Engineering at the Sabanci University, Turkey. In his M.Sc. project, he studied electrode materials based on bottom up generated hierarchically porous structures. After his master studies, he started as a PhD candidate in the Membrane Materials and Processes Group, Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology. His expertise is on electroanalytical techniques, porous material characterization, novel carbon materials and surface modification.

Ancillary Activities

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