Doctoral Candidate

Francis Le Roux


Francis le Roux is a Doctoral Candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Francis is part of the Control Systems group in the department of Electrical Engineering. le Roux's research focuses on electrochemistry-based digital twinning of Lithium-Ion bateries, where she researches electrochemical based models and the incorporation of aging modeling. 


Francis le Roux holds a Master of Engineering in Mechatronics (cum laude) from Nelson Mandela University (South Africa). The topic of le Roux's research for the completion of her MEng was "Modeling and State-Of-Health (SOH) Prediction of Lithium-ion batteries under dynamic, high-current applications". In her research, le Roux analysed commercially available battery simulation solutions, after which she implemented an appropriate battery model to train and test a SOH algorithm. Whilst completing her masters research, le Roux lived in Ingolstadt (Germany) for an exchange program at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. 

Current Educational Activities

Ancillary Activities

  • Consultant for possible engineering solutions. There is no conflict of interest as I will only advise on possible available battery solutions for energy storage., The Water Specialist