Doctoral Candidate

Frank Berkers

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Frank Berkers MSc is senior scientist at TNO Strategic Business Analysis dept. in The Hague. He joined TNO in 2008. Within TNO he is responsible for business modeling and value network analysis. His interest is in modelling for strategic (investment) decisions for complementary and networked business models that address societal challenges. Frank and has contributed to over 500 project initiatives in several domains including internet, IoT, telecoms, agrifood, chemistry, mobility and logistics – currently focusing on business models and governance of Blockchain applications. He founded TNO’s strategic initiative Orchestrating Innovation, which trains TNO’s leaders of large open innovation collaborations in innovation management and networks them with peers and innovation management specialists. Frank holds a master’s degree in Econometrics from Maastricht University. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in part-time on ‘strategic decision making for data driven innovations’ and completed the researcher’s education program of BETA Research School. Before joining TNO, he has held positions at ABN AMRO as marketing/consumer intelligence analyst and at market research agency SKIM as senior methodologist where he set up preferred supplierships with McKinsey and Monitor, on the field of computer aided choice experiments.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities