Gerrit Naus

Mechanical Engineering
Spinoff Mechanical Engineering


Gerrit Naus (1979) studied mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). In 2005 he received his Master''s degree involving control design for a welding robot. The project was performed at Fontijne Grotnes B.V. in Vlaardingen at which he continued working at the R&D department as a development engineer until 2006. He received his Ph.D. degree in the field of robotics from TU/e in November 2010, entitled ‘Model-based control design for automotive applications’. The research was performed in close cooperation with DAF Trucks N.V., Eindhoven, and TNO Automotive, Helmond, employing his results in their products and product development programs.Since 2010, he is employing his expertise in the field of medical robotics, which resulted in the TU/e spin-off company Medical Robotic Technologies B.V. (MRT). MRT’s core technology comprises high-precision mechanical design and high-performance control design, which builds on the expertise of the Control Systems Technology group (CST) of Professor Maarten Steinbuch. Under the name PRECEYES Medical Robotics (, MRT commercializes the PRECEYES Surgical System, a high-precision robotic assistant for vitreoretinal eye surgeons, targeting i) to enable new procedures that are out of the reach of manual surgery and ii) to improve existing manual procedures.Gerrit is founder of MRT and responsible for the company’s R&D and IP programs. His strengths include application of high-end technological solutions with the end user as a starting point. Having a broad basis in robot control technology at CST, he focuses on implementation of state-of-the-art solutions in practical applications. Professionally, he dedicates himself to the practical application of innovative research and technology in the fields of robotics and control design.

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