Hailong Che

Group / Department
Bio-Organic Chemistry
Biomedical Engineering

Research Profile

Hailong Che currently pursues a PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, on the topic of out-of-equilibrium polymeric systems. Inspired by biology, chemists have created a plethora of synthetic adaptive or life-like materials with temporal control over structure and function by employing chemical and enzymatic reaction networks. These materials are endowed with unique features because of their out-of-equilibrium state, compared to conventional equilibrium systems that demonstrate thermodynamic stability. In this regard, fuel-driven functional operations under temporal control are thought to play a key role in bridging man-made materials and biology in terms of natural organization and function.Therefore, this project focus on out-of-equilibrium polymer assemblies with adaptive or self-adaptive structure and function.

Academic Background

In 2012, Hailong Che started his Master study on the topic of “CO2-responsive polymeric nanomaterials” at Tsinghua University (THU) under the supervision of Prof. Jinying Yuan. In 2015, he received his MSc and graduated as Outstanding Graduates and Outstanding Master's Thesis of THU. From 2015 September, he started his PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Jan van Hest in the Bio-organic Chemistry group. In 2019, He obtained Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities