Hao Shi is a PostDoctoral researcher in Mechanics of Materials (MoM) at Eindhoven University of Technology. His research topic is on modelling of the additive manufacturing process and thermomechanical analysis of the 3D printed ceramic membranes. The objective of this research is two folds: (i) modelling of the curing/binding of the polymer binder in the printed material with ceramic particles to properly define the full geometry and material state prior to sintering; (ii) modelling the sintering behavior of the green body to predict the resulting deformations (shrinkage) and the internal stresses and then explore the effective properties that could be related back to the green product, and the AM processing choices made therein.

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Hao Shi obtained his PhD in the MSM (Multi Scale Mechanics) group chaired by Prof. Stefan Luding at University of Twente (2019), the Netherlands. His PhD thesis was titled “Deformation of Granular Materials: Micro influences Macro”. He completed his BEng degree in refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering at Nanjing Institute of Technology (2011), China. He received his MSc degree in chemical and energy engineering at Otto-von-Guericke University (2013), Magdeburg, Germany, where he worked in the mechanical process engineering group chaired by Prof. Jürgen Tomas. In addition, he also worked as a part-time scientific consultant in MercuryLab B.V. and part-time postdoctoral researcher at University of Twente after his PhD study. His research interests include granular matter, non-Newtonian flow rheology, non-linear solids, particle interactions, cohesive powders, additive manufacturing and most of all on multi-scale modelling methods.

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