Doctoral Candidate

Haowen Yang

Biomedical Engineering


Haowen Yang is a PhD candidate in the immunoengineering group under the supervision of Dr. Jurjen Tel. His research currently focuses on decoding temporal immune signaling with single-cell resolution. By taking advantage of microfluidics and synthetic protocells, single-cell dynamics can be measured within designed artifical microenvironments. Probing cellular heterogeneity of immune response will reveal new insights into regulation of cell fate determination.

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Haowen Yang obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine at Shandong Agricultural University. He then received his Master’s degree in Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction at Guangxi University. During this period, he was also a visiting scholar at Southeast University with a focus on Nanodiagnostics. He subsequently moved to the microfluidics group led by Prof. Dr. Andrew deMello at ETH Zurich, for research on microfluidic-based bioanalysis. Haowen continued with PhD research at TU/e in the immunoengineering group led by Dr. Jurjen Tel, aiming at single-cell immune dynamics.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities