Full Professor

Henk jan Bergveld


Henk Jan Bergveld is part-time Professor in Embedded Control in Energy Management at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His research at the university mainly focuses on battery management in electric vehicles, but also addresses power converters. Bergveld also works as Technical Director in the AMS IP department at NXP Semiconductors, where he is a system architect in Power Management, focusing on the development of innovative power-related building blocks that are crucial in many different ICs of various NXP business lines. Before joining the AMS IP department at NXP, Bergveld worked at Philips and NXP Research for almost twenty years, during which time he also completed his PhD, researching battery management systems, LCD drivers, RF CMOS, integrated DC/DC converters, electronics for photovoltaic systems and other topics.

Given my background in industrial research, my main motivator is working on research themes based on relevant questions from industry and achieving results together with young, smart and motivated students.


Henk Jan Bergveld holds an MSc and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Twente, both with honors. After completing his MSc in 1994, Bergveld joined Philips Research as a research scientist. He completed his PhD in battery management in 2001 and continued to work at Philips until 2006. Bergveld then joined NXP Semiconductors where he worked in the research department. In 2010, Bergveld joined Eindhoven University of Technology as part-time professor. Since 2013, he has been a system architect in the AMS IP department in NXP Semiconductors.

Ancillary Activities

  • Werknemer, NOP op TU/E, NXP Semiconductors