University Researcher

Herman Haverkort

Research Profile

Herman Haverkort is an Assistant Professor in the Algorithms Group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His key areas of expertise are geometric algorithms and external-memory algorithms. Herman is specialized in algorithms, striving to design algorithms that can be proven to yield correct results fast, even when a large amount of data needs to be processed or searched. More specifically, he focuses on algorithms that process geometric data or geometric networks, such as found in geographic information systems. Herman has conducted research on a wide range of topics, including space-filling curves, terrain modeling for the geosciences, travel time cues in schematic maps, four-dimensional Hilbert curves for R-trees, edge quadtree for external memory and B├ęzier curves for metro maps.

Academic Background

Herman Haverkort received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Utrecht in 2004. He worked as a researcher at the University of Aarhus and the University of Karlsruhe before joining TU/e. He has published on a wide range of topics, including recursive tilings and space-filling curves, automated cartography, search algorithms, algorithms for geographic elevation models, symbol placement on maps, I/O-efficient graph algorithms and geometric data structures for sets of two- or higher-dimensional objects.

Current Educational Activities

Ancillary Activities

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