University Researcher

Hirokazu Kobayashi


Hirokazu Kobayashi is a guest researcher in the Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics group of the Department of Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is an expert in the process engineering of steel, for example, coating, heating, cooling and rolling technology. In this group, his research goal is a development of innovative coating method on steel surface.

For the future of "Steel


Hirokazu Kobayashi obtained his Master's degree in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kobe University, Japan in 2006. He worked as a researcher and later as a senior researcher in Steel Research Laboratory at JFE Steel Corporation (Japanese steel making company) from 2006 to 2018. In 2018, Kobayashi started his research as a guest researcher in the Department of Applied Physics at the TU/e.

Ancillary Activities

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