Assistant Professor

Ioulia Ossokina

It gives me energy to apply scientific techniques to solve real world challenges.

Research Profile

Ioulia (Julia) Ossokina is urban economist and assistant professor of housing research and modelling at the department of Built environment, TU/e. Ioulia’s areas of expertise include economic analysis of cities, big data, real estate and transport markets. In her research she uses modern econometric and data science techniques.  Her models answer questions such as: Why do people choose to live and work in cities? What are the effects of investments in urban transportation on the demand for housing? Which retail and office locations are more likely to have high rents and which high vacancies? Ioulia's studies are mainly empirical and are based on (big) data. Her research frequently benefits from cooperation with experts from various governmental and market organizations.

Academic Background

Ioulia Ossokina received her PhD in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2003. She also holds an MSc in Economics from Tilburg University. From 2003 to 2016 she worked for CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and was affiliated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research fields included project assessment, cost-benefit analysis, real estate markets, urban and transportation economics.
Ioulia has published both scientific and policy-related work and serves as a referee and guest editor for Dutch and international journals. She is member of several national and international networks of urban and transportation economists.

Ancillary Activities

  • Gastdocentschap, Erasmus School of Economics