During my time at the Aristotle University of Thessaloníki and later on during my graduation project, I discovered that I really enjoy to perform research. It gives me the opportunity to learn, to investigate a problem in depth, and work independently. Therefore, proceeding my education/career as an PhD-candidate was a logical step.The aim of my PhD-project is to develop an advanced Finite Element Model (FEM) that is able to calculate the risk of failure now and under future loading, of existing and deteriorated sewer pipe systems. It will become a support tool for managers and operators that are responsible for decision making on maintenance or renewal of sewer pipes. A Community of Practice, will provide input to the process to bridge the gap between science and practice. What I like about this project is that it contains a lot of different aspects, such as fracture mechanics, soil mechanics, numerical and experimental research. Contact with the Community of Practice and learning operators and managers how to work with the tool is also part of my job, which will motivate me to further improve communicative skills too.If you are interested about my project, please feel free to contact me!

Ancillary Activities

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