Assistant Professor

Jacob Krüger

Department / Institute
Mathematics and Computer Science
Engineering of Software-Intensive Systems


I am a software engineering researcher with a focus on human aspects in software evolution, integrating economics, psychology, and other domains into software engineering. In 2021, I obtained my PhD from the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Leich and Prof. Gunter Saake. My dissertation (external reviewers: Prof. Jan Bosch and Prof. Rick Rabiser) focused on providing an empirics-based understanding of the re-engineering of variant-rich systems to support developers in the decision whether to rely on unsystematic or systematic software reuse. For this purpose, I studied modern practices of engineering variant-rich systems to derive a novel process model as well as guidelines for scoping and planning the (re-)engineering of variant-rich systems. Digging into the details of such re-engineering endeavors, I elicited insights into the economics of software reuse, the impact of missing knowledge, and how to improve the tracing of that knowledge. Building on my dissertation, I am advancing with a focus on developers’ cognition and the challenges therein that are related to software evolution.

If you are interested in collaborating with me (e.g., theses, research/industrial projects), just send me an email! Particularly for students, I can offer theses topics in the following areas and their intersections (these are only examples, feel free to suggest your own!):

  • Re-engineering variant-rich systems
    • Economic impact of re-engineering
    • Challenges of merging variants
  • Quality in software evolution
    • Degeneration of software architecture
    • Code and bug propagation
  • Cognition in software engineering
    • Cognitive biases
    • Program comprehension
  • Fork-based software development
    • Developer support for merging forks
    • Knowledge recovery
  • Guidelines for conducting research
    • Management of research artifacts
    • Empirical studies

Checkout my personal website or ask me if you want to learn a bit more about my projects or want to access preprints of my publications.

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