Assistant Professor

Jaime Bonnin Roca

Department / Institute
Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Jaime Bonnin Roca is an Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing (ITEM) group of the School of Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is interested in how public and private organizations respond to uncertainty in the adoption of emerging technologies, with a focus on advanced manufacturing. In addition, his research analyses how to balance safety and innovation in the introduction of immature technologies, especially in highly regulated environments. A key question is how to introduce enough flexibility in institutional frameworks and investment plans to keep pace with the unexpected consequences of rapid technical change. To answer these questions, Jaime uses both qualitative and quantitative (simulation, optimization) research methods. Currently, Jaime is involved in research projects in the areas of Industry 4.0, smart cities, and blockchain. He also teaches in a Master course, Entrepreneurial Finance, and is preparing a new bachelor course on Technology Forecasting.


Jaime Bonnin Roca received, in 2017, a dual PhD degree in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and the University of Lisbon (Portugal). He also holds an undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (Spain). Prior to joining TU/e, Jaime has previously worked as a Research Associate at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, and as a Test and Validation Engineer at the European Space Agency.

Ancillary Activities

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