Associate Professor

Jakub Tomczak


Dr. Jakub (J.M.) Tomczak is an associate professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, and a PI leading the Generative Artificial Intelligence team.

Expertise: Jakub's research is focused on Generative Artificial Intelligence that aims at combining deep learning and probabilistic modeling.

(International) leadership: Jakub serves as an area chair at top AI conferences (NeurIPS, AISTATS, UAI) and as an action editor for Transactions of Machine Learning Research (TMLR). He is a member of ELLIS. He has supervised a total of 7 PhD candidates (3 completed). Jakub is regularly invited as an international keynote speaker to conferences, summer/winter schools, and companies. 

Grants/prizes/awards: Jakub has obtained a total of 480k€ in external funding. This includes about 180k€ for the prestiguous Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSC-IF) carried out at the University of Amsterdam (2016-2018). Recently, he obtained 280k€ as a personal grant from Qualcomm. He also received several smaller grants and individual awards, including the Network Institute Academy Assistant program (a co-PI; 10k€) and individual scholarships & grants from the Wroclaw University of Technology (altogether 10k€).

Outputs: Jakub is the author of the first comprehensive book on generative AI ("Deep Generative Modeling", Springer, Cham, 2022), (co-)authored 25 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 21 peer-reviewed conference publications including NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, AISTATS, UAI, ICCV, and CVPR. His publications were jointly cited >4,300 times according to Google Scholar (status on February 2023).

Current Educational Activities

Ancillary Activities

  • AI consulting, Amsterdam AI Solutions