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Janne van Kollenburg

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Systemic Change
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Industrial Design
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Research Profile

Janne van Kollenburg is doctoral candidate in the Systemic Change cluster. At the same time she is Design Research Consultant at Philips Design. Her industry-based PhD research is about design research methodologies for intelligent products, services and systems. This research has led to Data-enabled Design. Data-enabled Design sets out to use data, from situated design explorations, as creative material to inspire and inform the design process already in the early phase of the design process.

Academic Background

Janne van Kollenburg holds cum laude BSc and cum laude MSc degrees in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). After graduating, she started her career at Philips Design in the position of Design Research Consultant in the People Research group. Her she further developed her ethnographic design research skills. In 2014 she started combining this role with a PhD research at TU/e Industrial Design (IMPULS flagship). This industry-based research has led to the development of Data-enabled Design; a design approach for intelligent products, services and systems using data as creative material. Continuing from the high impact results of this PhD (product launch, IP and innovation strategies directly influencing Philips roadmaps) Philips Design formalized a 15-person team to execute this Data-enabled Design approach. Being part of this team, Janne’s role is to further develop this design approach both from an academic and practitioners stance while leading design innovation projects utilizing this approach.

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