Doctoral Candidate

Jasper van de Kraats

Department / Institute
Applied Physics and Science Education


As doctoral candidate, Jasper van de Kraats works on the theoretical analysis of strongly interacting quantum systems. Such systems are interesting since they provide a platform for realising a quantum simulator, which allows researchers to study exotic physical phenomena with high precision. Examples include Bose-Einstein condensation, fermionic cooper pairing, Efimov trimer states and emergent collective behaviour.  While a strongly interacting quantum gas is often characterized by universal behaviour, independent of the precise detail of the gas, Jasper's research focuses especially on novel cases in which experiment has shown this universality to be violated.

The ultracold regime is paramount to furthering our understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the natural world


Jasper van de Kraats obtained his MSc in Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2021. His master's thesis was titled "Van der Waals landscape of the effective Efimovian three-body potential from the broad to narrow Feshbach resonance limit"

Ancillary Activities

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