Javier is a member of the European 5G STEP FWD project with the aim of designing architectures, systems, and algorithms for building the 5G cellular network of tomorrow. In particular, Javier focuses on the modulation formats in the fronthaul of analogue radio on fiber (ARoF) for 5G systems.

Telecommunication connects people and has allowed globalization worldwide. Continuing to investigate in this field implies enormous benefits in todays and future society.


Javier Pérez Santacruz received his BSc degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Málaga (Spain) in 2016 and his double MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Telematic and Telecommunication Networks from the University of Málaga (Spain) in 2018. He completed his thesis entitled “Simulator of a bandwidth modem for underwater acoustic channels”.

Ancillary Activities

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