Doctoral Candidate

Jianhong Wang

Department / Institute
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Currently, Jianhong Wang is a Ph.D. candidate working on pH-mediated biodegradable nanomaterial in the group of Prof. Jan van Hest. The stable bowl-shape stomatocytes morphology is ideal for the specific physical entrapment of nanoparticles for potential use in heterogeneous catalysis and nanomedicine application. Within this in mind, Jianhong has undertaken the task to develop biodegradable stomatocytes with different functions to cancer therapy (e.g. chemotherapy, photothermal/photodynamic therapy).


From 2017, Jianhong Wang started his Master study on the topic of core–shell tecto dendrimers as pH-responsive intelligent carriers for anticancer drug delivery at Donghua university under the supervision of Prof. Xiangyang Shi. In 2020, he received his MSc and graduated as Outstanding Graduates. From October 2020, he moved to the Netherlands and pursued his Ph.D. research on the topic of development biodegradable stomatocytes for nanomedicine applications under the supervision of Prof. Jan van Hest in the Bio-Organic Chemistry group.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities