Former Doctoral Candidate

Job Wijnen

Department / Institute
Mechanical Engineering


Job Wijnen is a PhD student in the Mechanics of Materials group of the Mechanical Engineering department. His project focuses on numerical investigations of deformation and damage in Dual-Phase steels and is supervised by Ron Peerlings, Johan Hoefnagels and Marc Geers. In his research he uses advanced plasticity models to study statistical aspects of the microstructure.

By using advanced numerical techniques we can exploit the computational power of modern computers to improve materials and structures.


Job Wijnen obtained his BSc and MSc degree (with great appreciation) in Mechanical Engineering at TU/e. He completed his MSc with his thesis entitled Immersed Methods for Modeling Complex Microstructures of Composite Materials, in which the finite cell method was used to simulate composite materials based on CT-scan data. In the thesis he also developed an algorithm to extract fiber directions from scan data so that anisotropic fiber properties could be taken into account. During his MSc, he did an internship at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of National University of Singapore (NUS) where he worked on non-local gradient damage models.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities