Doctoral Candidate

Joey Kloos


The current style of living requires 1.4 times the amount of resources provided by the planet earth, which means that we are depleting our earth. Therefore it is necessary to change our current linear economy to a circular economy and to focus on the recovery and reuse of valuable compounds. This sustainable economy requires efficient and effective separation technologies such as membranes developed for selective recovery of components. Therefore, the aim of the project Membranes for the selective recovery of ionic species and nutrients is to develop nanoporous membranes based on liquid crystalline polymeric materials with tunable pore sizes and pore functionality for the selective transport of valuable ions and nutrients.   Nanoporous liquid crystalline materials will be synthesized and prepared following the literature, resulting in membranes with pore radii of 1-2 nm. Next, the pores of the material will be functionalized to obtain selective ion and nutrients recovery. The polymer and membrane properties and performance will be studied broadly using artificial and industrial feed streams.


Joey Kloos finished his BSc Chemical Engineering at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, and then started a MSc Chemical Engineering – Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology.<br/>After finishing is MSc in 2018 he started as PhD in the Membrane Materials and Processes Group, Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology.<br/>His expertises are Chemistry, Material science, Polymer science and Smart materials

Ancillary Activities

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